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I took a stab at redesiging my banking app's UI

I took a stab at redesiging my banking app's UI


Like most people, I use my bank's app quite a bit for checking my balances, reviewing transactions, paying off bills/cards, etc. However it's pretty poorly designed and sometimes frustrating to use and read through. The content of the app is not easy to digest due to it's design and layout. So one evening I decided to put together some screens of how it could be improved both in it's UI specifically and also the overall experience.

Before 1
Banking 4

The first area I wanted to improve was the Login screen. While there isn't anything necesarilly wrong with typing in your password to login, I felt that biometrics would be a more seamless Login experience. After the first time the user logs in, they should be allowed the opportunity to enable either TouchID or FaceID for quicker and secure logins.

Before 2
Banking 1

I felt the main home page, or accounts page, needed some work as well. In function, it works ok - but I felt it could be improved with a facelift and a couple UX changes. A cleaner and more visually appealing layout and design makes the information easier to scan and digest quickly. The relevant information is more clear to the user. I also added some quick links of commonly used features, as opposed to being buried in the menu. 

Before 3
Banking 2

Another frustrating aspect of the app is the account pages and how it deals with transactions. In the current state, negative transactions (when it draws from my account) are presented as a number in parentheses - still haven't quite figured out why. This makes it very difficult to discern between a positive and negative transaction. This is improved in a couple of ways, first by creating 'cards' for the transactions. They are easier for the eyes to distinguish between the individual elements. The use of color aids in this way as well, making it clear to the user which transactions are negative and which are positive.  This page is also designed in such a way as to give each account sort of it's own dashboard. It's own clearly dilineated space with stats pertaining to the account.  

Another feature that I would like to have on the app is a Transaction Details page. Currently, if I see a charge on my account that I don't remember or can't quite figure out where it came from, it is difficult for me to dig deeper to find out more information. A transaction details page could give more detailed information such as what type of transaction it is, if I have ever made this same purchase before (to help with tracking spending) and even where the transaction took place. 

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